Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can I have normal please?

GAH! I think January is more crazy than December. There are like 800 birthdays in my family in January, including Little Debt who turned 6 yesterday.

Money has been about the same. I need to pay bills today. I don't want to, but I have to. I also REALLY need to go grocery shopping.

I feel like I will never ever catch up. I hate that feeling. I am really counting on driving a taxi this summer once or twice a week. If that happens, I can SO catch up which would be beyond exciting. Caught up and paid down. That is my goal.

My friend/neighbor and I were talking that we want to go on vacation next summer- 2010. Us and the kids to the Bahamas or something. So I am shooting to pay off/down bills and save for a REAL vacation. Not a vacation that involves family.

Speaking of, my mother in law was just here for a week. Luckily she pays for a lot of stuff when she is here. She goes grocery shopping (she is a vegetarian and eats organic only if she can), takes us out to dinner, etc. I kind of feel bad that she does, but I certainly can't afford to buy her organic food for her.

By the recommendation of several people I got the book Total Money Makeover from the library. I haven't started it yet, but I will on Saturday when I am at work. Even if I don't do everything he says, it will still give me lots of ideas I hope.

Sorry for the weeks in between postings. Work has been picking up a little bit which is AWESOME. I really want to sell just one thing a month. January is almost over and I haven't sold anything yet :( but maybe I can sell two things in February.

Thinking positively!

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