Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

This is the year. Gonna do it. Stick to my goals and my newly found frugal ways and pay down some of this damned debt.

With Christmas the mortgage got paid late. I thought I would then be able to turn around and pay it on time this month, but it isn't happening. Too many other things are due, late, not late and even a disconnection notice. Crap.

This is what I am owing as of today:

Credit card: $40
Credit line: $50
Insurance: $110
Water: $222
Verizon: $157
Credit card: $120 (late)
Kohls: $187 (very late)
AT&T: $84
Gas: $614 (late- and they estimated this month to be almost $400!)
Electric: $126
Cable: $322
Mortgage: $1560

Good god
This doesn't include food, the babysitter, gas for the cars.....

When will I ever catch up? Seriously considering a second job. Even though I would never see Little Debt or Mr Debt. I could only work on the weekends though because Mr Debt works nights. Hopefully this summer when Mr Debt is on days I can pick up a few cab driving shifts as well.

So, even though it probably won't work, I am going to add a paypal button on my blog. If you want to donate, awesome. I just want to catch up.

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Leslie said...

Look at to help you on your frugal journey. Its hard...but do-able. Good luck!