Monday, March 9, 2009

I know, I know

Its been a month.

Mr. Debt didn't get the job

I got in a car accident (luckily not my fault and no one was hurt)

We are so behind on our bills again. Or still? Mortgage is a month late, everything else is late.

Friday I will pay one month of mortgage and hopefully a bit on other bills as well

I did make the final payment on one credit card, so thats a good thing.

Sometime this week the adjuster will look at my car. I really hope they don't total it, but they might.


cheryl said...

Did you read Dave Ramsey yet? I really, really think it would help you feel less anxious about things. He's so encouraging and gives such great advice. Good luck and keep posting! I enjoy your blog!

Jersey Girl said...

I did read his book. And while I think he has some brilliant ideas, I got freaked out because I can't even catch up, let alone do any of the other steps. Hopefully I will get a second job this summer, catch up, pay off and snowball some debt. Maybe, just MAYBE have a savings account?

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