Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Tax Day!

The day I was oh-so-dreading. BUT! Then I did my taxes. And somehow, someway I am getting a refund! I cannot explain this at all. I think I need to thank Obama for changing tax laws perhaps?

Mr Debt and Little Debt are in CA with the in laws. Luckily they are paying for EVERYTHING.

I am slowly (very slowly) catching up on some bills. The gas bill killed us this winter. Now that we aren't running the heat all the time that will be better.

And with the Debts gone in CA for a week, I haven't had to grocery shop. That saved $$ big time.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a stack of bills here to be paid. And they will be. Little at a time, here and there. Babysteps, right?


Clemencia Summers said...

I can only imagine how painful that dilemma must have been for you. I think what you did was right. You took everything into consideration when you were filing your taxes, and came to a decision that I’m pretty sure you do not regret to this day. I admire you for being objective and filing the IRS, even though that was the least of your priorities. I hope you’re doing well today, Adina.

Parris Moretti said...

I totally echo Clemencia’s sentiments. That must have been quite hard for you to deal with, but in the end, you got through okay. It’s a good thing that you took your time and really concentrated on doing your taxes right. I hope the refund was able to help alleviate some of your debt problems.