Thursday, December 11, 2008

AT&T is really the devil

So I checked my checking account yesterday afternoon. Like I do everyday, because, well, we are broke. And AT&T took the money OUT again! Instead of crediting us, they debited us! They now owe me to date $394.24. OMFG!

I called and got a manager on the phone. This girl was dumb as a stump. Tried to tell me a debit is actually them giving us money. Um, no.

They are "investigating" again. I told that that it WILL be resolved today so that they can overnight me a check that I will get on Friday. I will friggin FREAK OUT if they say they won't/can't do it.

I also want to demand a month or more of free service. I wonder if they will. I doubt it. Their customer service is horrible. NOTHING like Verizon. She never even apologized once for their errors.

I hate that Mr. Debt just had to have a stupid iphone. HATE IT.

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