Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So stupid AT&T took out our payment twice! I am currently fighting with them.

AND I totally forgot the car payment coming out! So at this moment we are negative over $300. And I haven't paid the cable company.

I hope they return the car payment bc it will come out again.

I WILL win with AT&T.

Gotta call the cable company and beg them to not turn it off if I promise to pay on Friday.

But wait, there's more.

I had a bank envelope in my purse with like $20 or $30 in it. Can't find it. I wonder if Little Debt took it. Because he does that kind of thing. I need to check his hiding spot under his bed.

OK, stupid AT&T will probably take a couple of DAYS to resolve this. Shit.

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ndcaldwell said...

i hate at&t. we don't have international calling but apparently it isn't blocked and apparently not all international numbers require you to dial a county code. i called my sister twice the month before, not knowing it was a Dominican Republican number, i thought it was a cell phone in Houston, I don't know every area code in the country! lol. either way, each call posted on two different billing cycles and it was a killer!! $4 a min, all i can say. one call was less than and hour and the other was right at an hour. needless to say they screwed up and the only thing the guy could say was , "yeah, that's what happened". i was like, whatever, never again. we have had a few problems with them during the time they merged with bellsouth and our service has been acting up. been thinking of switching but nothing yet. stay on they, you can win!!