Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is just 15 more wake ups!

So I did not get a Christmas bonus. Bah humbug. I sold my vacation time for cash to the boss. At least it was something and got me fairly caught up on bills.

I did some calculations and I need about $500 to get through the rest of Christmas. My amazing neighbor, Little Debt's bff's mom, has offered several times to help me out. I think I am going to swallow my pride and take her up on it.

If I dont, I won't be able to pay my mortgage this month. Mortgage is more important than my pride. Little Debt is NOT getting everything on his list, not even close. I hope he likes what he is getting. This is the first year he is really into it, making a list, etc.

Oh, I am getting my money back from AT&T for the double debit, but I still need to call and fight with them about the overdraft charges. A friend of mine said she would do it and I might just let her.


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Alix and Scott Poulter said...

That is great about the refund but they have to cover the overdrafts. It is there fault and they should be held liable! Good luck!