Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 9 more sleeps!

Not bad money wise this weekend, although I didn't buy Xmas gifts really.

Xmas tree: $24 (this is WAY cheaper than usual, I don't know why)
Pictures with Santa: $25
Red shirts for the kids: $40 (siblings were supposed to pay me, they didn't)

The good thing was we didn't eat out AT ALL, not even coffee. And let me tell you, I sooooooo wanted a Starbucks when we were at the mall. it was RIGHT THERE next to the Santa line. Torture I tell you.

I should be getting my check from AT&T tomorrow. Bastards

Mr Debt and I had a money related fight though. His priorities are SO screwed up it is incredible.

Going to attempt the picture for Xmas cards tonight. Wish me luck.

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