Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Balancing" the checkbook

Ok, we both got paid yesterday. Balancing the checkbook was NOT FUN. It still isn't really balanced. I bounced four, YES FOUR checks last week. $10 haircut? Yea, cost me $35 really. CRAP.

I don't really know where we stand. I have to pay something to someone. But I am afraid to because the mortgage is due next week. This blows. I need to get some stuff together to sell on craigslist. Toys, clothes. I already put my treasured Coach bag on there. And not one email about it!

SOB! Ok, no sobbing. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps Jersey Girl.
I'm at work right now, so of course I have GRAND plans of cleaning, organizing, taking pictures and posting stuff to sell. That usually doesn't happen though. I get home, my son wants to play. My husband is cranky. A book calls my name begging to be read.
I just need to make it through the next two weeks. If I can be VERY lean with my spending, I might- just might be able to catch up a little.

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