Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well in the mail yesterday I got a $25 gift card to Walmart that I got from mypoints.com. That's cool because I can buy a gift with that. I have a birthday on Friday for my son's best friend.

I need to do my checkbook today. It is so depressing though.

My husband, Mr. Debt, is so bipolar with this whole thing. It's like he has no problem going to the movies, getting fast food, etc. But then he tells his mother he doesn't know where we are going to get the money to buy Little Debt (our son) birthday gifts. Like WTF?

I tried to help someone on one of my bulletin boards who has less than me, but she has daughters and I have a son so I didn't have any clothes to send her. I wish I did. Things like that make me realize that I don't have it nearly as bad as I think I do. I have clothes, Little Debt has clothes, we have heat and food and cable and internet and toys and cars.

The babysitter told me not to buy her a Christmas gift this year. Ok. LOL I feel badly bc she does take awesome care of Little Debt, but she understands. So because I have almost no adults on my list this year I am going to try to find an angel tree to buy a needy child something.

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