Monday, November 17, 2008

The weekend

Could have been better, could have been worse.

Friday a friend invited me over to play poker. I shouldn't have gone, but it is still a relatively cheap night. $5 to play, bring your own beer. I lost $2, so not bad at all. And it was fun. I needed a relaxing night like that.

Saturday- grocery shopping. ACK! No matter how many times I say we can't spend a lot of money we do. $130 there.

Sunday- my mother called. "Want to go check out the new Christmas Tree Shop?" OMGOMGOMG Yes I do! But I can't really spend money. She said she couldn't either so we would be strong for each other. HA! My mother is worse than me with money. But believe it or not I spent........$15!!!!! WOOT! Gloves and a hat for Colin, 2 small Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, matches and lotion. All stuff I needed really. The lotion is Curel and $3 instead of $8 so I had to pick one up.

Then that afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Colin's friends at a gymnastics place. He wants to have his birthday there so badly. It is $250 for up to 22 kids for 90 minutes. That is one of the cheapest I have seen. And the kids have FUN. My mother in law is the one who wants him to have a big party like this; we have never done it before. Then she heard how much it costs so who knows. He has his heart set on it though. *sigh*

So....I could have spent a buttload of money this weekend but didn't for the most part. Did my own nails again, my friend colored my hair ( more grey!), we ate at home.

Baby steps

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K. said...

Way to go Erin!!! Great job at the CTS :)