Friday, November 7, 2008

It's pay day! It's pay day!

I get paid every Friday. YIPPEE! Husband gets paid every other. Not bad. In CA he got paid once a month. THAT SUCKED!

Mortgage is due next week, so I need to save most of our pay for that (plus my pay for next week). My mom gave me $100 toward the phone. She is on the family plan with me (as is my brother). Mom kicks me some money toward it when she can.

I just paid the $200 visa. I need to put some money toward the phone bc it is past due. I also have to pay my $180 water bill by the 20th. (I get billed 4x a year).

I want a bag of money to fall out of the sky. Just to get everything caught up. I think that is why we are so screwed lately. Every thing-just about- is behind. If I could catch up things would be a tiny bit better.

Tomorrow I will balance my checkbook HAHAHAHA! and then figure out who gets paid and who doesn't.

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