Thursday, November 13, 2008


Of course my mind was racing all night with this "new" debt. How the hell was I going to pay it? Then it came to me- I just have to make it until next September. By then my son will be in school full days. And what does that mean? No more $600 a month to the babysitter!!!!

$600!!!! A MONTH! That is a lot of money!!!!!

Of course, we have to keep our fingers crossed that my husband can start working day shift at his job. Otherwise Colin will have to go to aftercare. But aftercare can't cost $600 a month can it? I should start looking into it.

Colin and the sitters daughters will be going to different school next year. So he won't be able to take the bus to her house as he does now. So she will definitely be a no school day/vacation sitter instead of a daily sitter.


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