Friday, November 7, 2008

Where I stand

So I figured I might as well lay it all out there. What my bills are. Balances, payments, etc. The way to overcome is to confront right?

Here are the bills that, for the most part, cannot be paid off:

Mortgage- $1550
Cable- $200*
Insurance- $200*
Phones- $300*
Gas- $100**
Electric- $100**
Water- $60

*The cable, insurance and phone bills will be going down because of adjustments I have made. I am just unsure of the exact total yet

**Gas and electric are approximate. They fluctuate depending on the season

Bills that can and WILL be paid off:

VISA- $200 payment $800 balance
VISA- $50 payment $2400 balance
Credit Line- $50 payment $2500 balance
Kohls- $50 payment $1500 balance
Mastercard- $15 payment $600 balance
Car loan- $265 payment $6100 balance

Doesnt look too bad right? Factor in I pay $600 a month in childcare (I will address this separately) and my son and husband eat A LOT of food.....AAAHHHH!!!!

Obviously with a $200 payment and an $800 balance, the one visa will be paid off in March. I am hoping to apply that $200 toward the $600 mastercard to pay that off, then the Kohls, then the other visa, and so on and so on.

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Tonya said...

Hi Erin!

Okay - this is really not as bad as I thought based on what you were writing. I was thinking 10's of thousands of dollars (excluding the house of course). Anyway, you are doing great and are still in a manageable position. Not NEARLY as bad as the people I see on Dr. Phil!

Good luck! Oh, and stay away from Kohl's!!!