Sunday, November 9, 2008

I made it through the weekend

After gloriously sleeping in **ahhhhh** we all went to Costco. That can be dangerous, but I stuvk to my list of 3 items. Total spent $29. Well, then husband and child were starving and had to have lunch there. Luckily Costco is cheap and it was only $5.

Gas for husband's car $20, gas for my car $10.

Foodtown: tortillas, peppers and egg noodles $9

Went to a friends house for a clothing swap party. If only I were a size 4 or 6 I could have cleaned up. I did get a few things though. Shopping for FREE! There were TONS of clothes there and anything that is left over goes to charity. So we did well there. A lot of J Crew and Banana Republic going into the Goodwill box. ;)

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