Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I spent today

Part of coming to terms with the money I spend is to see what I am spending right? So today, here is a breakdown.

Dunkin Donuts- $3.82
Shoprite- $23.20
Library- $1.20

No I didn't need to spend $3.82 at Dunkin Donuts. And of my Shoprite trip I didn't need peppermint mocha creamer ($1.59), 2 bags of chocolate chips ($1.98) or hot chocolate ($1.24). Unfortunately I did need milk and the ingredients for pesto breadsticks to bring to the clothing swap tomorrow. Pesto and asiago cheese are not cheap!

Spent total: $28.22

Could have not spent- $9.83

My husband, now that is another story. I know he took our son to Chuck E Cheese, spent at least $10 there. Then they went to Taco Bell, another $10 easily. *sigh* Baby steps right?

Our friends our going out to dinner tonight. I wish we were going. But we aren't so that we don't spend the money. Yay us?

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